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Every vehicle has an expiry date, no matter how much you are attached to your vehicle. Why do you need to spend so much money on an old useless bike when selling or scrapping it can earn a good amount of money. According to the government, the average life of a vehicle is 15 years. After 15 years, it is quite dangerous to drive a vehicle. So, contact BadaKabadi, the leading scrap dealer in Pune. We offer you the best prices for your old bike or vehicle.

We understand that scrapping your old bike is risky and a pretty tedious task. Going to the RTO office, standing in a queue, and then completing documentation with the bank. Yes, scraping involves lots of formalities. But, with our bike junkyard in Pune, you get all the facilities and best value. We have been in this industry for a long, so we understand every legalities and formality and offer you the best assistance wherever required.

Benefits of scrapping an old bike at bike junkyard in Pune

Benefits of scrapping an old bike at bike junkyard in Pune

Family health

You might not know this, but your old vehicle attracts bugs and viruses. So, to ensure that to get rid of the bugs and viruses, you need to dispose of your vehicle. Keeping an old vehicle for a long time can result in diseases and health issues.

Environmentally friendly

Bike leakage can result in emissions of different fluids, which are quite harmful to the environment. These chemicals mix with water bodies and result in marine or water pollution.


Scrapping bikes results in a reasonable amount. You can earn a handful amount by scrapping your vehicle. Many times, you waste money on repairs of that old vehicle or have to pay taxes. So, selling off your old vehicle helps earn a good amount which is quite helpful in an economic crisis.

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Why do you need to keep your bike in the garage when you can sell it to our bike junkyard in Pune. We are a certified bike scrapper in Pune. We offer you the best price for your vehicle or old bike. Bike Scrap dealer in Pune offers you different facilities to scrap your old bike. We have the latest equipment and technology to make scrapping hassle-free and an easy scrapping experience. So, what are you waiting for, call us today to know more about the same? Call us at 07428296622.