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Bus Scrap Dealers in Delhi

Bus scrap dealers in Delhi

Badakabadi is one of the best bus scrap dealers in Delhi, offering you quality service and the best value for your old bus. Driving a vehicle after 15 years is quite unsafe and dangerous and is not permitted according to the government's rules and regulations. If you are caught driving a vehicle after completing its life, you might have to give a heavy fine. So, the best idea is to sell your old bus and get a good amount for it.

We understand that getting your old bus scrapped is a troublesome task. You need to stand in queues and follow all the procedures set up by the government and the industry. But, now you don't have to worry about any formalities. All you have to do is bring the copy of your RC, and the rest we will take care of. We provide you with photographs and videography of your bus scrapping. Along with it, we will provide you with your metal chassis plate and our identity card for future reference.

Best bus scrap dealers in Delhi: Badakabadi

We offer you secure services. We offer you a scrap slip and a photocopy of our identity that writes briefly that you are scrapping your bike with us and we are purchasing it. We make sure that you get all the photographs of all the scrapped bikes.

You don't have to take any pain regarding the paperwork. Don't worry; your old bike is in safe hands and is not misused. We will give you the metal chassis number plate.

Get the best value for your scrap.

Now, you don't need to let your old bus stay in your garage. Keeping a scrap in your garage for a long time can cause germs and diseases to spread.

So, call us today and get the best value and scrapping service at your doorstep.

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