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Truck scrap dealers in Delhi

Truck scrap dealer in Delhi

Are you looking for a truck scrap dealer in Delhi? Contact Badakabadi today. We offer you quality scrapping service with the best value for your old truck. We will pick up your scrap truck from your door within an hour of calling.

Here, you don't have to worry about any formalities as we take care of them. We are a certified truck scrap dealer in Delhi and work under the RTO and government regulations. We hand over the chassis plate of the scrap truck to you then and there and share photographs and videos of your truck being scrapped. Along with this we also offer you our identity card which you can keep for your future reference. So, now you can sell your 15-year-old truck without any hassle and in an easy manner.

Why choose our car scrap dealers in Delhi?

There are many reasons to choose our scrap dealer in Delhi. All we need is a photocopy of RC and a photocopy of your I'd. No need for any extra paperwork and formalities.

We offer you a scarp affidavit, delivery receipt, video recording, photographs of the truck. We offer you a chassis plate and an engine plate. Along with this, we offer you our declaration letter, company letterhead, our ID proof and number plates.

Here, we offer you the best value for your truck services. We offer you a free pick and drop service. We offer you complete documentation. Our scrapping service offers you complete cash payments and other multiple modes of payment.

So, what are you waiting for? Sell your old truck with us with the best value only at our scrapping service.

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