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BadaKabadi is the number one company that has been in the scrapping business for a long time. We have years of experience when it comes to recycling and scrapping old bikes. We offer you motorcycle services with great rates and a range of free collections. It is very crucial to scrape off the motor vehicle in the most environmentally friendly way. We follow all the standards given by the government.

According to the RTO, any vehicle cannot be used after 15 years. After this, it becomes quite dangerous to use. So, the ideal solution in this situation is to scrap the old bike or vehicle. BadaKabadi offers you the best and most reliable solution to scrapping. We offer you instant payments and hassle-free service. Gone are the days when you used to stand in queues waiting for your turn to complete the legalities, but now, you can quickly contact us, and our team will take care of all your needs. We have the best team members who are passionate and have years of experience in this industry. We provide proper assistance to you during the form filling and other legalities.

Reasons to choose our Bike junkyard in Noida.

Different reasons make the bike junkyard in Noida the ideal place for bike scrapping service:

  • 1. With our scrap dealing service, you can easily make money by selling off the old bike. So, here at BadaKabadi, ensure that you get the best prices for your old bike without any worry. We first physically examine the bike and then offer prices accordingly.
  • 2. We offer you a fully centralised method of scrapping. We make sure that the government sets up all the rules and regulations. Here, we offer you authorised facilities and ensure you get the certification after completing the scrapping service.
  • 3. Nowadays, it is essential to maintain the environmental regulation set up by the agencies and government. So, we ensure that proper environmentally friendly ways are followed.
  • 4. We make sure that every formality is fulfilled and ensure you don't have any trouble dealing with the scraping service. From paperwork to the scrapping process, we provide everything that is taken care of.
  • 5. Ensure that a proper procedure is followed at our Bike Junkyard in Noida. So, if you have an old bike, get in touch with us, and we ensure you get the best service and prices.

Choose our bike scrap dealing service.

So, don't let your old vehicle stay in your garage when you can get the best prices and deal with it. Whether your bike suffered an accident or has completed its life, get it scrapped, and we ensure you the best service. Even if your bike doesn't start, we are happy to buy it. Fill the form, get a quote, instant payment, and you are done. You have to do nothing; we will take care of all your needs.

Relax and enjoy!