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Buying a bike is one of the most beautiful feelings. It is one of the most cherished possessions. Unfortunately, these bikes are designed for some fixed years following some safety standards. After those years, it becomes quite dangerous to drive it. According to RTO, the maximum age of any bike is 15 years. After 15 years, this bike is quite dangerous to ride and often ends up in a garage. Yes, you have an emotional attachment with that bike, but you need to dispose of it.

Disposing or scrapping your old bike is one of the most crucial decisions you need to take. There are different factors and aspects that you need to keep in mind. BadaKabadi is one of the leading bike scrap dealers in Ghaziabad, offering you the best value for your motor vehicle. We have been in this service for many years and know how the industry has evolved. Along with this, these years of experience help us understand how to make bike scrapping easy and hassle-free. But before we talk about it, some factors are required to be considered before scrapping your old bike.

Factors to consider while scrapping your old bike

Consider the following factors while choosing a bike scrap dealer in Ghaziabad:

  • 1. Always choose a reliable company that has experience dealing with bike scrapping and offer you all the basic facilities.
  • 2. The company will take responsibility for the transportation of the bike ok and the scrapping process. It will also help in saving time in paperwork in formalities associated with bike scrapping.
  • 3. Whether your bike has completed its term or has met with an accident, all types of bike scrapping services are available. Some companies accept old bikes regardless of their condition, but some others are not very welcoming. So, compare shoes to the best bike scrapping company that offers you great value for your product.
  • 4. Every company has a different method for evaluating the value of the bike. Some might offer you reasonable prices for that bike, while some others might not. Sumit so that you choose a company that gives you the maximum amount for scrapping your motorcycle.
  • 5. Old bike scrapping involves time and patience. So, get an idea of how long the capping process will go. This will help you figure out when to go for bike wrapping and how much time is required. Different companies have different modes of payment, so make sure you get an idea
  • 6. about what payment methods they use.

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BadaKabadi is one of the best old bike scrap dealers in Ghaziabad offering you the best service and best value for your goods. With all the latest technology and equipment we have offered the best deals to our customers and have made their scrapping process quite easy and worth it. So, call us today and know more about the process and how to apply for a scrapping process.