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Get in touch with our bike scrap dealer in Goa today, we offer you the best value for your old bike or vehicle, we have been in service since a long time and know how to offer the best and hassle-free experience to our customers. No doubt, keeping an old vehicle at home is a waste of money. You need to spend a lot of money repairing that old vehicle. There are a lot of other experiences associated with that old vehicle like road tax. However, we never pay these expenses but it can result in a fine.

Along with this keeping an old vehicle at home results in different other problems like environmental pollution or health of the family. Keeping an old vehicle at home for long can result in different diseases and old unused vehicles are the home to many viruses and bacteria. These old vehicles emit pollutants and other liquids which are quite harmful for marine life and result in marine or air pollution.

If you are going through any sort of economic crisis then, contact BadaKabaadi and get the best value for your old vehicle. Now, you can use this money to fulfil your needs and help your family. Scrapping an old vehicle is one the best decisions but always choose the reliable and trustworthy source.

Points to keep in mind before scrapping your vehicle at our bike junkyard in Goa

Points to keep in mind before scrapping your vehicle at our bike junkyard in Goa

  • 1. Look for a bike junkyard using modern methods of scrapping. Don't restrict yourself to your area junkyard instead explore another junkyard as well. Many junkyards provide online services, so check for the best junkyard online. Check for the pricing, equipment used, other necessary details and then make a decision.
  • 2. Always try to ask your bike scrap dealer to provide you the breakup of the amount they offered you. Along with iron the vehicle is made up of other metals like iron, aluminium, zinc, copper which have different prices. So, make sure that correct prices are included by your scrap dealer.
  • 3. Search for a good scrap dealer who has complete knowledge about vehicle scrapping and is an expert in it. Only an expert scrap dealer will offer you the best price for your vehicle.
  • 4. Keep in mind that working parts increase the price of your vehicle, as these parts can be reused in the repair or maintenance of any other vehicle. Therefore, you must have knowledge about the working parts of the vehicle. Make sure the scrap dealer offers you the right amount.

Is it okay to scrap your old bike?

Yes, scrapping an old bike is one of the best solutions. It helps in keeping the environment clean and helps you in earning some good amount of money. But you need to keep the above-mentioned points in mind before scrapping your old vehicle. Always choose a reliable and trustworthy source and then, check out the reviews and feedback.