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In India, vehicle scrapping is not as popular as selling old cars, which is one of the significant contributors to pollution in different parts of India. Recently the RTO has stopped re-registering vehicles and started checking their fitness. Any car, truck, or bike which has completed its 15 years cannot be used. It is not only dangerous to use such a vehicle but also causes a lot of environmental pollution. So, what to do with the old vehicle? Scrapping of old cars or bikes has become quite popular these days. If you are also planning to scrap your old bike, get in touch with Ba daKabadi today. We are one of the leading bike scrap dealers in Gurgaon. We have been in service for many years and can be sure you complete a safe and hassle-free scrapping service. We have a name in the market and thus, are the most reliable and safest option. We have the best equipment and facilities to help you with easy scrapping. Here, we follow all the safety norms and standards issued by the government. Thus, making scrapping a legal and reliable process.

What should you do while scrapping your old bike?

While scrapping your old bike, make sure that you consider the following:

  • 1. Make sure that you remove the change number before sending your bike to scrapping.
  • 2. You need to approach the authorized and reliable scrap dealer and ensure that the vehicle is disposed of safely. Ensure that the scrap dealer you choose follows all the rules and regulations set up by the government. Take photographs of this cropping process and make sure that you take the scrapping certificate at the end of the process.
  • 3. You need to visit the RTO and inform them about the scrapping of your vehicle and de-register your bike.
  • 4. The scrap dealer in Gurgaon will perform a physical examination of your old bike and help you with the best and most reasonable prices.
  • 5. If you wish you can negotiate the prices.
  • 6. Please make sure that you have a look at the scrapping process. If possible, take photographs. These photographs will help you in further proceedings of RTO and for future reference.
  • 7. Make sure to visit the bank if you have insurance.
  • 8. Make sure you prepare a folder and keep all the necessary and relevant documents with photographs for future reference—no need to submit the photocopy of RC to the scrap dealer.

Why choose our bike junkyard in Gurgaon?

Our bike junkyard in Gurgaon offers you the best service and prices. We have the best equipment to help in the easy scrapping process. We follow all the safety norms and standards issued by the government. Our scrapping process is environmentally friendly, and no pollutants or liquid is disposed of in the environment. WE follow all the legalities and a simple procedure issued by the RTO. Don't worry! We help you with the paperwork and make sure you don't miss any steps.

So, call us today to know about the process and legal proceedings.