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Looking for a bike scrap dealer in Mumbai, contact BadaKabadi, the leading bike scrap dealer in the area. We offer you the best price for your old bike and help you with the formalities and all the legal proceedings.

Why does one go for scrapping the bike? There could be different reasons for it; either the bike might have met with an accident or has completed the life of 15 years. According to the RTO, the normal life of a vehicle is 15 years, after which it becomes quite dangerous to drive that bike. So, the best solution in such a scenario is to take a scraping service. The first step is to inform the RTO about the same and give up your plate and chassis number.

So what are you waiting for, scrap your old bike and earn money out of it? From paperwork to legal formalities, we offer you the best assistance. All you have to do is call us, and we will come to your home to pick your vehicle and help you with the procedure of scrapping your old bike or vehicle.

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We have been in service for a long time and understand how challenging it is for customers to cope with all the legal formalities of the RTO office in the bank. So we ensure that our customer doesn't have to go through all this. We help you with easy cropping and give you the best assistance possible.

We have the latest equipment and machinery in easy scrapping. Along with this, we have the most skilled and experienced workforce playing a significant role in the scrapping process. First, we do a quick verification to ensure that the vehicle is yours and is not stolen. We are working day and night to upgrade our work and quality effortlessly.

Our bike scrap dealer in Delhi has been in service for many years and is an expert in handling customers' needs. We offer our customers the best price for their vehicle with minimal legal formalities. We have a team of experienced professionals who have solutions to all your problems related to vehicle scrap. We are committed to providing our customers with quality vehicle recycling using the best equipment and technology. We also offer you a de-registration certificate.

What do we do with your bike at our Scrap Dealers in Mumbai?

At our bike junkyard in Mumbai, we sell, recycle, and accept parts of bike cars, trucks, and other scrap material. We are one of the most reliable scrap dealers in Mumbai, offering you the best value for your vehicle or motor part. You need to do a quick verification before scrapping the material, and don't forget to surrender your registration number and chassis number to the RTO. Once the entire process is complete, we will provide you with a certificate with details about your bike scarp.